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By listing with me you will receive five star service. I provide an in-depth sales and marketing approach:

Accurate Property Evaluations
When working with Michael of Keller Williams Realty, you are getting far more than one real estate professional. Realtors with Keller Williams work as a team to determine the most accurate price for your property. By using up to date statistical reports, we can accurately determine the ideal list price for your home or investment property yielding the highest price, while selling in the least amount of time possible.

Immediate Exposure to 1000’s of Brokers and Agents
What separates Keller Williams from the rest? Keller Williams Real Estate is currently working with hundreds of qualified buyers in your neighborhood, giving you immediate access to buyers willing and able to buy right now! Your property is also immediately posted to the multiple listing service and every major real estate outlet online, giving you instant access to 1000’s of agents and brokers, in addition to their extensive client databases.

On-Line Advertising
We utilize the latest techniques to increase online exposure for your property including personal websites for our listings!

Our agents will work closely with other real estate agencies to show and sell your property to any potential customer. This offers you 100% exposure and a far greater opportunity to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Open Houses
Nationwide Real Estate Executives realtors will do weekly Open Houses at your property to ensure maximum exposure of your home.

Personalized Websites
We have the ability to produce a personalized website of your property, allowing potential website viewers to feel like they are actually walking through your home and ensuring an easy to remember web address for potential buyers to learn about your home.

What are some advantages of open houses when I’m looking to buy a home?
Many experts are divided on the subject of the importance of open houses. Some believe they are a necessity for both buyers and sellers. Others maintain that open houses are a waste of time, money, and energy for both parties. Like most life events, open houses are neither totally good nor bad ideas.
From a buyer’s prospective, however, there are many positives. Among the benefits for buyers, the following are typical.

  • Seeing is believing. Some maintain that, since the creation of virtual tours on the Internet, the open house has lost its luster and necessity. Still, there is no way for a buyer to effectively see what a home has to offer without physically visiting. While virtual tours can highlight many of the positive features of a home for sale, an open house remains an effective choice for a buyer.
  • Feeling is believing. If you are an experienced homeowner, you understand this issue. You see a home featured in a respected real estate magazine. It looks wonderful. You visit at an open house and it’s all the real estate advertising said it would be. Yet, it simply doesn’t feel right for you. If you’re married, you may even say to your spouse, “This home is fabulous, but I couldn’t live here.” A house must feel right to you to motivate you to make an offer. An open house can help give you the answer you need to know if this house is for you.
  • Neighborhoods are important. All the print, visual, and Internet images available cannot give you a sense or feel for the neighborhood in which prospective homes are located. An open house gives you the opportunity to cruise the neighborhood before and after you tour the property to get a good picture and feel for the neighborhood. Is it impressive? Comfortable? Friendly? Intimidating? While you may not get to know the neighbors on a Sunday open house visit, you can see how your potential neighbors treat their property.
  • Examine multiple homes in the same day. Instead of making appointments every two days for three weeks to see homes in which you may have interest, you can view three or four in a few hours. This helps keep features and drawbacks of different properties fresh in your mind.
Open houses can offer buyers a more hands on look and feel for prospective purchases than the best virtual Internet tours. People who are seriously looking to buy should be diligent and look carefully at all rooms and amenities offered by these homes. Take notes and compare multiple properties in one day’s efforts.

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