Welcome to Fontana!

Moving to a new area is a busy experience, to say the least. Even if you’re just moving across town, you’ll be faced with:

  • Joining new schools and/or places of worship;
  • A new commute route on your way to work;
  • Switching doctors, dentists, and other health professionals;
  • Changing where you drop off your dry-cleaning...
  • and even where you & your kids take part in extracurricular activities!
As your local area real estate expert, I want you to feel comfortable and help you quickly become acquainted with Fontana. To that end, I’ve put together a list of resources so you don’t have to do the searching yourself. (Bonus: I’ll also let you in on a few local favorites eateries and establishments around town!)

How safe is your new home city? Most Fontana residents would likely tell you that they feel safe most of the time, but for your concrete peace of mind, I invite you to visit this website and see for yourself. If you're a business-owner (or just curious), you might also be interested in this demographic information about Fontana.

To learn more about each of the schools in the Fontana School District and find their contact information directly, visit the district's school website. College-bound or have children who are? Chaffey College's Fontana Campus is an affordable way to study and expand your knowledge and skill set. (Make sure to speak with a guidance counselor to ensure any credits you're hoping will transfer to another college will transfer!)

OmniTrans buses and MetroLink trains are cost-effective ways to commute. They've got several routes and stations for convenience, and are especially a great option if you're commuting to Los Angeles.

Family-friendly local sports teams are a great way to enjoy an affordable evening out with your friends and family. Catch our very own minor league baseball team, the Inland Empire 66er's (Just FYI: For 8 of the 2018 games, they'll be rebranded as the IE Cucuy's) .

For those of you who have children involved in extracurricular sports, several entities in Fontana offer sports and athletic involvement:
The City of Fontana, founded in 1913 by Azariel B. Miller (after whom local high school, A.B. Miller, was named) was a rural area until Henry J. Kaiser built a large steel mill in the area during World War II. Check out the Fontana Historical Society for more.

Here's some interesting history for you: Al Capone owned and used to supply bootleggers from his winter hideout right here in Fontana! Located at 8775 Tamarind (cross-street, Merrill Avenue), the home was at the time so surrounded by orange groves one couldn't see the property! Most of the original property has since been torn down, but you'll still notice a large "C" on the chimney, which is still standing as part of a new structure today. It has also been rumored that there were secret tunnels and passageways so that Capone could make a getaway, in case "the fuzz" has his lair surrounded, but this hasn't been confirmed. (If you're interested in traveling to see something similar, there are such "speakeasy tunnels" in Los Angeles, too!)

Who knew Fontana had such a storied past? (If you answered "Michael Albornoz," you are correct!)

Fontana's city page. Fontana residents enjoy shopping at nearby Victoria Gardens Shopping Center, an outdoor shopping mall surrounded by delicious restaurants like P.F. Changs, Slater's 50/50, Cheesecake Factory, Fleming's Steakhouse, and so many more. The VG, as it's known to our Rancho Cucamonga neighbors, is also home to an AMC movie theater, but if you would rather stay local, you can visit the Regency 8 Theater!

On Fridays from 10 am - 2 pm, you can browse the Farmer's Market at Kaiser Permanente Hospital ! (If you miss it, don't panic: There's another Fontana Farmer's Market on Sierra and Arrow hosts a Farmer's Market on Saturdays from 8 am - 1 pm in the Center Stage parking lot, south of the Lewis Library! Find directions here .)

Southern California itself is a wonderland of hiking trails, so if you love nature walks, Fontana has you covered. Check out this detailed list of hiking and nature trails in Fontana from AllTrails.com!

For 8 weeks every summer, the city hosts FREE fun, family-friendly entertainment at the new Miller Park Amphitheater, such as Concert in the Park events -- they're always a blast and a great way to connect with your family and meet new people in your new community!

If you haven't heard of the app NextDoor, I highly recommend downloading it for your Android or iPhone. It's a great way to get recommendations on local business services & get to know your new neighbors! Perhaps even more importantly, you'll notice that NextDoor also functions as a sort of "Neighborhood Watch" through which your neighbors keep each other informed on hyperlocal news (like city ordinances, road closures, suspicious characters, etc.). Along the same vein, if you're on Facebook, consider joining these Fontana Facebook groups:

There's certainly no shortage of tasty places to grab a bite, and everyone's favorites are different, but here are the Top 15 favorite restaurants in all of Fontana:

1. Bigg Dane and Beale's Texas BBQ
2. La Tapatia Mexican Grill
3. Sundowner's Family Restaurant
4. El Chilitos
5. Sierra Noodle House
6. Brandon's Diner
7. Thai Garden
8. Bella Italian
9. Yummy Panda
10. Viva Villa Taquería -- No website is listed, but you can find them at 9585 Sierra Ave., 92335!
11. Nokki Thai Kitchen
12. Rosa Maria's
13. Tio's Grille & Cantina
14. Billy J's
15. Spice Jar